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High standards on Quality Management and Social Accountability

With more than 40 Dymak employees in China alone we will follow the production of your products on-site. The Quality Controllers in the key production areas in China will visit the factories several times during the production process, and asses the quality of the material, size, colors, labels etc. will be evaluated. Being on location gives us a great opportunity to evaluate the working conditions as well. Every supplier is evaluated before the start of cooperation, but the local Quality Controllers also do an ongoing assessment of the real-life working environment. Quality and Social Accountability are an important part of Dymak’s DNA and Dymak China is certified after the global ISO 9001 and SA8000 standards for Quality Management and Social Accountability.

Patent and Registrations

Dymak can help protect products with certain characteristics. We can on behalf of the client register the product characteristics in China, and with such a registration copied products will be held in the Chinese customs. It is our experience that factories presented with a product registration refrain from making delivery - simply because the detention is both expensive and risky for the factory.

Dymak will always help protect products