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Dymak has employed its own quality controllers in all production areas. Inspectors are typically employees with several years of experience as production managers, and through daily contact with the factories they can rectify production failures before delivery. In addition, products are getting rated before received at Dymak's own warehouses. As a result of this consistent control and feedback Dymak's error rate in 2012 was for the first time less than ½%.


At Dymak we have full control over product development, production, packaging and delivery. We do not transfer responsibility to arbitrary agents in China or India, but are responsible for the entire process. It provides visibility and control which we share with our customers. Dymak is an open business and you will have direct access to the factories where your products are produced, if you want it.


The price in China, India and other regions is not static. It pushes constantly up and down depending on the season, the order of booking of the individual factories, personal relationships, etc. There is no guarantee that the right price today is also the right price tomorrow. Dymak has through the daily contact with the factories an updated knowledge and is not dependent on volatile information collected at fairs and trade shows. The updated knowledge along with our product competence guarantees you the right price every time.

Value added services

Our dedicated operators in China as well as our knowledgeable staff will combine warehousing and shipping with all the necessary steps in your production process. This includes production, packing, quality controls, preparing the correct paperwork and upon request drop tests. As well as adding value to your products, these services also save you time and money.

At Dymak we have full control over product development, production, packaging and delivery.