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Dymak is one of the fastest growing operators on the market. Our success is primarily based on increased sales to our existing customer base, and we interpret this as an expression of customer satisfaction. 80% of Dymak's revenue comes from innovations, and we see newly developed products as the best guarantee for our customers' success. Building on consumer trends alongside the experience of developing more than 50,000 products, we are able to create a perfectly tailored solution to your business. Whether its pots, baskets, buckets or stickers, for any event or holiday, we can manufacture it. To ensure an efficient development of the thousands of new products Dymak creates each year, we have created our own product development platforms. This is the IT solution that enables competitive prices - even in the smaller series. We have chosen to support our customers by focusing on product development, service, production and documentation – and this is why Dymak is the right supplier for you!

Inspirational catalogs

Additionally, Dymak issues a range of catalogues every year. The main purpose of these catalogues is to provide inspiration to our customers – We can of course deliver the designs displayed in the catalogues, but quite often our customers and their designated Key Account Managers use a design only as base for the final product. For hard copies or high resolution versions of the catalogues do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s grow your ideas together.

Web Showroom

We have over 100.000 pictures in our online showroom. Selected from fairs, on factory visits, in retail stores etc., our product pictures serve as an endless source of inspiration. Together with your Key Account Manager you can search through thousands of designs. A search using the keywords; “pot”, “ceramic” or “Christmas” will give you more than 10.000 options to choose from, on an IT platform especially created for easier access for our customers. To find out more about our online Web Library, please contact us for details.

Factory visits

Dymak arranges and organizes regular visits to ceramic factories in China. It is our experience that such trips will repay themselves most times, because they allow the customer and the Dymak staff to develop unique products, customized exclusively for each of our customers’ needs.

We strive to develop unique products, customized exclusively for each of our customers’ needs